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Our Servers Run Imunify360
A Comprehensive Security Solution

Imunify360 protects against known and unknown vulnerabilities, making it the most complete automated security solution for web servers.

Imunify360’s Proactive Defense intercepts all activity in real time, analyzes the behavior of PHP scripts, and stops any known or unknown malicious codes from being executed. It is a PHP module that intercepts system calls, file system operation, and more, then analyzes those items to recognize patterns. It uses advanced heuristics to detect potentially dangerous execution sequences and stops those sequences before they harm the servers.

Proactive Defense™ stops even the malware that scanners are unable to detect!
Software vulnerabilities are constantly being exploited and monetized. In fact, the number of new Linux malware programs increases threefold each year. Malware scanners focus on scanning and identifying infected files already on your system, but how do you protect against new security threats? The solution is Proactive Defense, an unprecedented defense against known and unknown attacks.

Proactive Defense protects websites running PHP, the most common programming language, against zero-day attacks. It identifies attacks on your Linux web servers in real time, then blocks potentially malicious executions automatically and with zero latency. Proactive Defense uses a unique method of identifying security risks – it analyzes what scripts do rather than what is actually in the code or file.

Make vulnerabilities on your servers unexploitable
Even if you keep the software running on your server secure and up-to-date, your customers don’t. They run applications like WordPress, with dozens of plugins. Some of those plugins, even the most popular ones, will make their site (and your server) more susceptible to hackers. The Proactive Defense feature of Imunify360 protects against these and other unknown vulnerabilities and exploits.


Defeat new malware before it hits your server
Unlike malware scanners that consistently scan and rescan files to recognize already infected files based on signatures, Proactive Defense analyses scripts and recognizes dangerous behaviors in them in real time. It stops malware, both new and old, from running on your servers in the first place.
An all-in-one solution for 360-degree protection


Imunify360 now protects against both known and unknown vulnerabilities, giving you complete, automated security to combat viruses, adware, spyware, Trojans, and worms. The combination of Proactive Defense, Malware Scanning, and WAF ensures that all incoming and existing data and traffic gets scanned for malware and blocked once detected. Installed in just minutes, it starts defending servers instantly.