About Us

DTES Web & Directory Services & Solutions is the design service of 1164795 B.C. LTD, a small virtual business operating since 2015 in DTES Vancouver BC, Canada.

Our services include providing a variety of web services including self-serve and managed hosting solutions, domain names registration, SSL Certificates, business directory, and design products.

We believe that every business, organization, whether operating from home, or store front location, no matter their size or revenue, needs a web presence to increase their chances of greater success in today’s marketplace.

We are confident that we offer an economical way to obtain a web presence without breaking the bank.

The internet continues to grow everyday as an important place to market your business and with that in mind have three main goals.

To Reach Out to the smaller brick and mortar or virtual home and service businesses to help them create a web presence.

To create an economical opportunity for a web presence without breaking the bank knowing that the ‘best’ and ‘most expensive’ does not have to be synonymous.

To provide customers with a professional web presence uniquely designed to reflect their own distinct personality.