How to check domain availability

To search by domain name, you select a name to the left of the dot. This is what is called a second-level domain. Then you choose a domain extension (also known as a top-level domain or TLD), which follows a dot, such as .com.

Experiment with the name and check its availability, do not forget that the correct domain is a good marketing tool and represents you and your product.

Domain Name

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Web domain is your address on the Internet and it is not only a name. Your domain supports your brand, your professional reputation and public image. Choosing the right domain is becoming an increasingly important decision than ever.

When selecting a domain name you need to remember

This are some steps to remember when searching a domain name

Brand name and domain

It’s a good idea your domain name to match with your business or brand name. Be ready to try one of more than 400 TLDs in case .com domain is taken.

Short and nice

Try to make your name in a single word, it will look better.


Your name must not violate any rights of the trademark of the same name in the industry of your activity

The phonosemantics of domain name

People should not have problems with spelling and pronouncing your name, so it should not contain any strange letter substitutions or omissions.

Check the availability of the domain name

Make sure your domain name is not used as a user name on major social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Talk to your friends

Ask your relatives, colleagues or friends opinion about the name you have chosen.

  • Check if they can write it down after you pronounce it?
  • Do the name sounds difficult to remember from the first time you hear it?
  • Can it mean something else?

How easy it is to remember?

How to find a good domain name

Nowadays there are hundreds of domain extensions besides .com, which can add value to your brand name

At Hostry we have domain extensions for every conceivable business, hobby, and lifestyle, which can be filtered by category or browse the entire list. Check them out even if you think you’re going to register the .com domain!

Pictures to the domain zones can be seen below

You can check the most popular TLDs below